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I've been in love with fantasy and fairy tales all my life.  Maybe growing up with a view of Disneyland's fireworks added a touch of magic.  I read Tokien's The Lord of the Rings five times in a row when I was thirteen.  Later I was lucky enough to try and walk in Tolkien's footsteps at Oxford, and worked on several licensed games based on his work.

I love all forms of fantasy, the artwork, the novels, the games, the comics and manga, the films and animation.  Nothing makes me happier than being able to bring something from imagination to life visually. 


Fortunately, I've  had many years of experience in various aspects of the fantasy art field:  as a free-lance illustrator, working on table-top games as well as  working full-time in-house on computer games, working on small and large teams as well as individually with teams through an Art Director.  I've done countless convention art shows and vendor booths and spoken on panels.   I hope to continue to create fantasy art for many years to come.


MORE INFO on my Home Pages:  April Lee Illustration.



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